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Shared experiences, thanks to a new knee joint

We can go hiking together again, thanks to my husband’s new knee joint.

Knee Pain? Unnecessary.

An individually made knee-prosthesis is cutting-edge innovation. Until now the knee was fitted to the implant. Now the implant is fitted to the knee.

Up to 95% satisfaction with an artificial knee joint


High Patient Satisfaction

According to our follow-up study, up to 95% of our patients are satisfied or very satisfied with the result one year after their operation. Approximately 3% of the questioned patients did not want to participate in the questionnaire. The remaining unhappy few were dissatisfied with the result.

We are working on a variety of possible solutions to increase the percentage of satisfied and very satisfied patients.

The Personalized Solution for You

Our philosophy is as follows: As much as necessary and as little as possible will be replaced. Depending on your knee joint damage we will recommend a mini prosthesis, a partial- or total prosthesis. Implants are produced individually for you.

  • Mini Prosthesis

    Mini prosthesis for treatment of small localized joint damage

    Limited Joint Damage

    Limited, localized joint damage will be treated with a small implant.

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  • Total knee replacement

    Total knee replacement in case of arthritis and pain in the entire knee

    For osteoarthritis with pain in the entire knee

    As much as possible of your own knee joint is preserved, only the surfaces are resurfaced. The PCL is preserved where possible.

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