Conny Arnold

Personal Assistant Conny Arnold

Area of Expertise and Specialization


Prof. Arnold’s Personal Assistant

Member of the Knee Team since 2019

Thanks to a broad education and her flair for organizational details, she supports him professionally as well as in the operating room, in the outpatient clinic in Cham and with patient follow-up care.

Career Path

  • Nursing Education in Breda (NL)
  • Registered Nurse in the Surgical Unit at the Regional Hospital Zofingen
  • Station Manager in the Orthopaedic Unit at the Regional Hospital Zofingen
  • Nursing Manager at the Seniors Center Wesley House in Basel
  • Lecturer at the H+ School in Aarau
  • Interior Architecture Education in Leiden (NL)
  • Owner of an Interior Design Company in Magden
  • Registered Nurse at Spitex in Magden, Maisprach and Olsberg
  • Freelance Nurse Practitioner and Dementia Coach in Rheinfelden and surrounding area
  • Prof. Arnold’s Personal Assistant

Memberships and Activities in Expert Groups

  • IG Self-Employed Nurses Aargau/Solothurn
  • Swiss Society for Gerontology (SGG SSG)
  • Swiss Professional Organization for Nurses (SBK)


  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Nederlands
  • Un po d’italiano